Shark attack and marine perils


Should you encounter any perils while at sea or docked, Alliance Marine Risk Managers will be there to assist you. Our team shares your passion for boating, and we understand how much your vessel means to you. We make it our priority to help get your watercraft back to ship shape and seaworthy in no time!

If You are in an Accident

Here are some things to remember if you are in an accident: 

  1. Check the welfare of all passengers and if any injuries occurred, attend to the injured and call the local authorities.
  2. Take any steps needed to ensure no further damage occurs to the vessel.
  3. Do not discuss fault or cause with anyone.
  4. Exchange contact information with other parties involved.  Be sure to collect names, phone numbers, addresses and insurance carrier information.
  5. Notify Alliance Marine as soon as possible by calling: 
    Arlene Weicher at 954-610-7165 or 
    Spencer Lloyd at 561-262-1605

Theft or Vandalism

Sometimes, the perils are not just while at sea.  If your vessel is vandalized or your personal items stolen, here are some things to remember: 

  1. Take photos of vandalism/make detailed list of stolen items
  2. Collect contact information from witnesses
  3. Report incident to the local authorities
  4. Notify Alliance Marine as soon as possible by calling:
    Arlene Weicher at 954-610-7165 or 
    Spencer Lloyd at 561-262-1605